Secrets of a Homicide: Conclusions
wireframe of Zapruder frame 223
The goal of this project was to use computer technology to clarify the shooting in Dealey Plaza that ended the life of President John F. Kennedy.

Motion geometry from the Zapruder film was applied to a full-scale computer model of the shooting scene, resulting in a virtual model capable of being photographed and measured from any angle or position.

The computer generated images were produced with the utmost consideration for accuracy and relevance. The best available documented sources were sought for information regarding the physical and medical data used in these recreations. Every effort was made to eliminate errors in the construction, placement and correlation of the objects in these sequences. In the case of trajectory plotting, "cones" were utilized to describe potential errors that could creep into the results.

In the final analysis, these images are believed to be an accurate representation of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the wounding of Texas Governor John B. Connally.

Important Distinctions

It is important to note the distinction between this computer study and other similar work done in this area. Past computer studies - produced by PBS/Nova and Failure Analysis Associates (FAA) - were illustrative renderings of various theories about the assassination. In other words, they demonstrate what might have happened in Dealey Plaza. This is the first computer study to examine Abraham Zapruder's filmed record in three-dimensions, allowing precise measurements of the motion recorded on film. In essence, this computer study allows us to examine the actual event with an incredible degree of accuracy never before possible. In addition, the dimensional nature of this project presents the opportunity to test various theories against the facts of the shooting as revealed by this study.

Conclusions Based on the Computer Analysis

The following conclusions were reached based on an analysis of the computer recreation. Select any conclusion to access a detailed summary of information derived from the computer analysis.

  1. There are three reactions to gunfire evident in the movements of President John F. Kennedy (JFK) and Texas Governor John B. Connally (JBC).

  2. The relative positions of JFK and JBC at Zapruder frame 223-224, and their subsequent movements, are consistent with the theory that both men were struck by a single bullet fired from the sixth floor sniper's nest of the Texas School Book Depository.

  3. A trajectory analysis of JFK's inshoot/outshoot head wounds shows an inconsistency with the HSCA trajectory conclusions.

  4. A hypothetical trajectory cone representing possible trajectories entering JFK's skull at the right-front is inconsistent with a shot from the grassy knoll.


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