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Badge Man: A Photogrammetric Analysis of Moorman
Photograph No.5 of the JFK Assassination

On October 25, 1988, Central Independent Television, a British commercial network, broadcast Nigel Turner's two part documentary, The Men Who Killed Kennedy which featured the work of conspiracy theorists Gary Mack and Jack White and the figure identified as "Badge Man".

The photogrammetric analysis presented on this website conclusively demonstrates that the "Badge Man" figure is not a human being standing immediately behind the stockade fence atop the grassy knoll and presumably involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.

The following is an additional effort to provide factual information about my work and address some of the allegations raised by uninformed skeptics.
Dale K. Myers

Doesn't your study assume the height of "Badge Man," a fact that is unknown?

No. The study is based on the average size (width and height) of an adult human skull, not the height of that skull from the ground plane. Matching the Badge Man figure's presumed head to an average sized adult human skull demonstrates that the Badge Man figure, if it is an actual human being standing in Dealey Plaza, must be, by all photographic principles, a considerable distance behind the stockade fence and in an elevated position. The exact distance and height is dependent upon the Badge Man's height - which is, of course, unknown. However, if the Badge Man figure were indeed a human being standing in Dealey Plaza and he was between 5 feet, 8 inches and 5 feet, 10 inches in height, he would be 12 to 18 feet behind the fence and elevated several feet above the ground plane, according to British photo expert Geoffrey Crawley. My own work demonstrates that if the Badge Man figure was of average height and build, he would be 32 feet behind the fence and elevated 4.5 feet above the ground plane. In either case, the calculated distance and height is ridiculous under the circumstances. Hence, the conclusion that the Badge Man "figure" is not a human being.


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